About See Pangasinan

The Brand Story


Like how salt is meticulously formed from the seas and harvested in the province called “land of salt,” the Pangasinan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office has been preparing and gearing toward the slow but sure reopening of tourism with health and safety protocols and practices in place. This is to ensure the safety of tourists and the local tourism industry as Pangasinan adapts to the “new normal.”



See Pangasinan captures Pangasinan Tourism’s sure, safe yet fun campaign for the new normal tourism restart in accordance with the Department of Tourism and IATF guidelines. The See Pangasinan Logo and Branding focuses on how tourists “see” Pangasinan’s farm and faith tourism, pristine beaches, and diverse gastronomy; with emphasis on salt from which the province’s name is derived.


The See Pangasinan Logo

The logo conveys simplicity and modernity to depict Pangasinan Tourism’s sure and safe tourism restart yet maintaining the “See the fun in Pangasinan” outlook.

The text is in Fonarto font and is colored blue to represent the province’s color.

The Sun on top of the word “Asin” shows Pangasinan as the “Land of Salt”.

The Sun is designed in the form of waves in the horizon to represent the pristine beaches and beautiful sunset views of the province.

The 6 Rays of the Sun represent the 6 districts of Pangasinan. Each wavy ray symbolizes tourism destinations like farms, islands, beaches, rivers, and mountains.

Usage: The use of the Official See Pangasinan Logo is subject to specific guidelines and assessment and written expressed permission from the Pangasinan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO).


The See Pangasinan Website


The website’s overall look, feel and style adopted the See Pangasinan logo’s color scheme and style which targets the millennials’ eye. Cool and appealing colors that are visually refreshing and engaging were chosen. The colors also represent what tourists will “See” in Pangasinan.

The Hero Banner
The Hero Banner features video clips of Pangasinan tourist destinations on loop.

The Menu
The Menu allows navigation through the pages of the website. It contains Pangasinan’s Things To Do, Where To Go, Plan Your Trip, News and Events, Directory, and a Site Search. On top of the menu are related links for Tarana.ph, S-Pass.ph, COVID-19, About Us page, and a Contact Us page.

Travel Updates
One important feature of the See Pangasinan website is the Travel Updates page where visitors can read on about the latest development on Pangasinan’s response to COVID-19 which includes safe travel procedures, responsible tourists’ guidelines, and travel advisories.

News Updates
This section highlights news and updates on activities of the Pangasinan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office as well as relevant tourism events and happenings in the province.

Where to Go
This section features a list of open destinations in Pangasinan. This is where visitors can browse through each destination and see the different attractions and activities they currently offer.

Things to Do
Varying activities are featured in this section. Are you into adventures? Culture and heritage? Farm and nature? Islands and beaches? Food trips? Faith tours or pilgrimages? Ridge and reef tours? In Pangasinan, there is definitely something in store for everyone’s tastes.

Where to Stay
Find beautiful safe spaces that suit your style. This section features curated collections of Pangasinan’s premier hotels, resorts, and destinations that are worth checking out.

Instagram Feed
One special feature of the website is its Instagram feed. This will spark social media participation and virtual engagement with tourists who visited Pangasinan by featuring their selected Instagram posts with the hashtag #SeePangasinan in real-time.

The directory provides information about various accredited tourism businesses in Pangasinan which are useful to travelers who are planning to visit the province.