Banáan Pangasinan Provincial Museum


Welcome to Banáan, the Pangasinan Provincial Museum – a treasure trove of cultural heritage and historical significance located in the heart of Pangasinan, Philippines.

Our museum stands as a beacon of knowledge, preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region while providing a glimpse into the captivating history of Pangasinan. Through captivating exhibits, engaging programs, and interactive experiences, Banáan aims to inspire visitors of all ages to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Pangasinan’s past and present.


Banáan is dedicated to conserving, researching, and sharing the cultural heritage of Pangasinan with the world. Our mission is to foster a sense of pride and understanding among the community and visitors by showcasing the region’s history, art, traditions, and natural wonders.


We envision Banáan as a center of excellence in the preservation of Pangasinan’s heritage and culture, serving as a source of inspiration and education for generations to come.


Banáan boasts a collection that showcases the many facets of Pangasinan’s past and present:

Historical Artifacts: A fascinating assortment of ancient artifacts, including pottery, tools, and ceremonial objects that date back to pre-colonial times.

Heritage Exhibits: Rich displays of traditional clothing, accessories, and crafts that reflect the unique identity and customs of the local communities.

Ethnographic Displays: An immersive experience that highlights the daily lives, rituals, and beliefs of the indigenous peoples of Pangasinan.

Natural History: A section dedicated to the region’s biodiversity, featuring preserved specimens, informative displays, and interactive learning stations.

Contemporary Art: Showcasing the works of modern Pangasinan artists, celebrating their creativity and reflecting the region’s evolving cultural landscape.

Special Programs and Activities

Banáan aims to engage visitors through a variety of educational and entertaining programs:

Guided Tours: Knowledgeable guides lead visitors through the museum’s collections, providing insights into the region’s history and culture.

Workshops: Interactive workshops on traditional crafts, painting, music, and dance allow visitors to experience Pangasinan’s living cultural heritage firsthand.

Lecture Series: Invited speakers and experts share their expertise on various aspects of Pangasinan’s history, archaeology, and culture.

Cultural Festivals: Banaan hosts regular cultural events and festivals, showcasing the vibrant traditions and celebrations of the region.

Community Engagement

Banáan actively collaborates with local communities, scholars, and cultural organizations to promote the preservation and appreciation of Pangasinan’s heritage. We encourage participation from schools and other educational institutions, supporting their efforts to incorporate cultural learning into their curricula.


Banáan provides modern facilities to enhance the visitor experience:

Gift Shop: A carefully curated shop offering unique souvenirs, local crafts, books, and artwork.

Café: A cozy café serving traditional Pangasinan delicacies and refreshments.

Educational Spaces: Dedicated spaces for workshops, lectures, and interactive activities.

Outdoor Gardens: Beautifully landscaped gardens featuring native plants and sculptures.

Join Us

Banáan Pangasinan Provincial Museum invites everyone to embark on a journey through time, exploring the wonders and stories that have shaped Pangasinan’s heritage. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, art lover, or simply curious about the province’s cultural riches, we welcome you to be a part of this enriching experience. Together, let’s celebrate the essence of Pangasinan’s past, present, and future!