Amarillo Garden Resort

Address: Brgy. Palakipak, TPLEX Carmen Interchange, Rosales, Pangasinan
Email Address:
Contact No.: 09175162223

Our own version of an Artist’s Village, Casa Amarillo is a celebration of everything that is beautifully made by hand, from its garden rooms, art galleries, art installations, its Café Tiago and its Bed and Breakfast accommodations at Rizal Suites 2873—with love, care and concentration, showing how such items and nooks and food fares can become the basis for decorative schemes full of originality and soul.

Living with Art and Craft all made by hand-paintings, sculptures, ceramics and textiles—almost anything crafted by hand, give Casa Amarillo a distinct personality and originality that is welcome in this age of mass production. Small steps such as choosing handmade plate to eat from at Café Tiago or making sculpture from discarded iron rods and tin cans left to bleed, creates a tactile experience that awakens the senses, bringing fresh pleasure to everyday.