Hiraya Wellness Resort and Ecopark

A home out of town!

At Hiraya Wellness and Ecopark, we put emphasis not only on the health and wellness of our guests but also on the conscious effort to preserve the environment and support organizations with noble advocacies.

To provide our guests with the best experience, we are continuously improving our facilities. Currently, at the first of three phases of development, we welcome you to our cozy accommodation, events places, delectable food at our very own Tio Berto’s Filipino Grill and Ala Café and Restaurant, and a variety of group activities.

As we proceed to the second phase of development, we hope to welcome you soon to try our organic farm, farm-to-table dining experience. Finally, in the third phase, we look forward to seeing you enjoy our holistic health and wellness services complete with treatments and facilities.

Find your safe space. Inhale peace. Exhale happiness. Everybody needs a safe place to hide and unwind. Hiraya, your safe hideaway in the North, is ready to welcome you home exclusively with utmost care and safety.

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