Daang Katutubo

The Daang Katutubo in the town Aguilar is said to be one of the most scenic roads in the Philippines. The road trails across the rolling hills of Pangasinan, giving visitors seemingly endless picturesque stretches of land and greenery. The 24.22km road also leads to another known destination in Aguilar—the Mapita View Deck. The construction of the Daang Katutubo is also said to help indigenous communities reach the town proper faster, easier and safely. 

Maranum Falls

Maranum Falls is one of the most well-known waterfalls in the province of Pangasinan. In Ilokano, “maranum” means “many waters” which describes the waterfalls perfectly, as it never dries out even during the dry season.

The trail is rather steep and depending on your pace, the trek will take around 45 minutes or more. There are handrails and safety measures installed along the trail to help visitors in their adventure.

Upon reaching the waterfalls, visitors will first notice the huge boulders peppered along the stream. There is ample space underneath the waterfalls as well, where adventurous guests can venture into and watch the picturesque nature scene unfold before them.

St. Catherine’s Church

Baba’s Eco Farm

Baba’s Eco Farm is an eco-friendly farm attraction filled with gardens, dining spaces, and art pieces installed for anyone’s leisure and viewing pleasure. Located at Brgy. Inamotan, Manaoag, Pangasinan, Baba’s Eco Farm is owned and managed by gardening advocates Ms. Maxie Ordan and Mr. Aylwin Mariano.

More than its ‘instagrammable’ field of flowers, Baba’s Eco Farm also hold art exhibits featuring “junk art”, i.e., artworks made from reclaimed materials, by local artists. In line with its green initiative, Baba’s Eco Farm encourages and promotes recycling and the alternative use of left-behind materials to reduce waste material while simultaneously supporting the local creative industry.

Baba’s Eco Farm is a recommended experience for gardening lovers, art connoisseurs, green advocates, and even to the general public just interested in encountering a new quiet landscape to relax in and take pictures of.

Ju-Po Farm

The Ju-Po Farm located in Brgy. Mangsacuy in Binalonan is a 1.5 hectare farm named after the owner’s parents, Dr. Apolinario Bautista and Julie Bautista, who are prominent figures in the town of Binalonan.

The farm is known for its three antique houses that Dr. Apolinario Bautista, himself, curated. Aside from an array of antique collections, the Ju-Po Farm also has a horse ranch and botanical gardens. The farm’s location and surroundings makes it an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the serene provincial farm life.

Binmaboy Hill

Balincaguing River

Aloleng Beach

Provincial Mangrove Nursery and Fish Farm

Enchanted Cave

Abrac Beach

Bolinao Falls