Diket Falls

Hiking to Diket Falls will take travelers to a vast farmland where various crops are grown, providing everyone a panoramic view of Umingan’s refreshing countryside. Boulders of various sizes lead to the waterfalls, which itself is surrounded by towering stone walls covered in trailing vines from the roots of the trees looming atop them. The pool at the bottom of the waterfalls is pleasantly shallow so that visitors of all ages can swim in its fresh waters without much worry.

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church

The Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church in Sta. Maria was constructed in honor of Mary, the Virgin Mother on January 16, 1890. Its façade is known for its beautiful stained-glass windows and old brick foundations. Upon entering the church, visitors will immediately regard the elevated polished marble altar, a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mother herself in the center.

Malico Viewpoint

The winding road to Malico Viewpoint is reminiscent of that nostalgic car ride to Baguio City. The journey to the viewpoint gives travelers the chance to behold San Nicolas’ picturesque landscape as well as that of Nueva Vizcaya’s in the distance. Imagine clouds lazily drifting along hilltops and mist from the cool weather shrouding the countryside scenery just as the sun rises-a simply beautiful scene worth immortalizing in pictures.

Agpay Eco-Tourism Park

The Agpay Eco-Tourism Park is a serene spot that locals and tourists frequent in the town of San Nicolas. From the entrance, visitors will notice the flowing clear water stream lining both sides of the road, indicating the vast and clean waterways of the Agpay Falls. The park is pleasantly shaded thanks in part to the many trees that tower around the vicinity. There are also several areas around the park where visitors can rest and bask in the tranquility of surrounding nature.

Sky Plaza

The Sky Plaza in Natividad is called so perhaps because of its location atop a hill in Barangay Batchelor East. Pilgrims flock to this site and climb long flights of stairs to visit a grotto of the Virgin Mary, a 30-foot Holy Cross and, most famously, the “Ayat ni Apo Jesus” or “God’s Love” which is a 40-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer.

The park is also equipped with a chapel, a multipurpose hall and various picnic tables that visitors can use and admire the surrounding beautiful nature from.

R.Rebs Integrated Eco Farm

R.Rebs Integrated Eco Farm is definitely a place to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Due to its vast farmland, they offer a variety of  activities such as horse back riding, camping , bonfire, archery, and fishing. However, they are most well-known for their strawberry farm.

Balungao Hot and Cold Springs and Hilltop Adventure

Notable for having the longest zipline in northern Philippines, the Balungao Hilltop Adventure in Barangay San Andres also has facilities and equipment for ATV driving, paintball, wall climbing, and trekking to the scenic Mt. Balungao. Hot and cold springs can also be found within its premises as well as a hotel for those who want to stay longer. 

Antong Falls

A multi-layered falls with pools of magnificent turquoise waters, the Antong Falls is a hidden paradise in Barangay Inmalog, Sison, Pangasinan. Though the hike to the site and to its higher levels can be challenging, jumping into its waters will definitely be rewarding, if the serene music score created by the clear flowing streams and simply beautiful surroundings aren’t rewarding enough.   

Holy Cross Parish Church

Known as a must-visit pilgrimage site in Pangasinan for housing a holy relic, the Holy Cross Parish Church has stood in Alcala since 1881 and received the relic around 2013. After an earthquake destroyed the original building, a new one was constructed in 1968. 

San Fabian Central Beach

The San Fabian Central Beach is known for its vast stretch of soft gray sand. Various shops and vendors can be conveniently found within the vicinity while cottages line the shore. The San Fabian Central Beach is also significant in history when professor and historian Dr. Ricardo Jose from the University of the Philippines-Diliman claimed, during a forum last January 9, 2020 in Lingayen, Pangasinan, that Gen. Douglas MacArthur originally landed in San Fabian Central Beach during the liberation of Luzon.

Calamansian ed Lekep-Butao

The Calamansian ed Lekep-Butao in San Fabian started out as a small plantation but grew overtime to occupy around two hectares of farmland. The plantation is owned and managed by various farmers in Brgy. Lekep-Butao and has become a major livelihood in the community, with calamansi growing all year round. Majority of their harvests are brought to the Bagsakan Market in Urdaneta City but they also supply several restaurants in Dagupan City. Aside from calamansi, duhat, guyabano, kamias, mangoes, and chili peppers are also grown on the farm. 

Angalacan River

The Angalacan River is a refreshing spot frequented by both locals and visitors in the homey town of Mangaldan. The river is 10 kilometers in length and is a major source of livelihood for the community. Visitors may sit along its embankment as they fish, have picnics or simply relax and wait for time to pass.