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Originally a settlement located at the northern coast of Santiago Island, it was eventually moved to the mainland due to raids done by aggressive Moro pirates. The town was finally founded in 1596 near a spring where a tree called “boli-bolinao” grew. It was under this tree that a maiden known in legends as “Anao” leisurely spent long hours of her days, It was inevitable then for Anao to catch the chieftain’s son’s attention. There are accounts that say the name of the chieftain’s son was “Bolidnu” which meant “round and robust” while Anao meant “clear as the Libsong spring” and combined came the name, “Bolinao”.

The beginning of the spread of Spanish influence in Bolinao was marked by the Spanish galleons taking provisions and fresh water while anchored at Picocobuan Port. One of these galleons was forced to anchor near Balingasay because of a typhoon but it was carried away to Silaqui Island, north of which unfortunately became its resting place after sinking there, taking along with it a big bell being guarded by a stone cod (Lapulapu).

Mangunguna Festival – April 9-14
Anniversary of St. James the Great Fortress Church – July 24-25

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