The municipality traces its origins during the middle of the 17th century when Spanish friars opened a mission intended to convert the native population to Catholicism.  Several families grouped together for mutual protection from wild beasts and lawless  elements.  Three missionary priests were sent to the settlement.  Having surveyed the settlement, two of the priests did not admire the place.  One of them was heard to have  remarked in Spanish “Mala” meaning “No good”.  The other readily nodded in agreement and was heard to have replied in Spanish “Si” meaning “Yes”.  But the third priest was  determined to settle with the natives than the other two, so he was heard to have protested in Spanish saying “Yqui?” meaning “So what?”.  The natives who heard the short dialogue but did not understand the language thought that the priest gave a name to the settlement.  They heard the priests uttered the following words in succession “Mala-si-yqui”.  From that time the settlement has been known as Malasiqui.

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